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SCP Legal Video Services is the Legal Video Services branch of Swamp City Productions.  Our expert videography staff works seamlessly with attorneys and law firms throughout South Florida, providing Deposition Videos, Inspection Videos, CME/IME Videos and more.

3 Reasons to Video Your Next Deposition

It is becoming more common for depositions to be recorded by a video professional. Here are just a few reasons why:

  1. Witnesses are often unavailable during trial.  Whether the witness is going to be out of the country, is an expert busy with other commitments, or is in poor health, the impact of their testimony will be much greater if the jury can watch a videotape rather than listen to a reading of the transcript.  Being able to see and hear how the testimony is presented gives jurors a lot more information than just the written word.
  2. Impeachment of a witness. You can impeach a witness with a transcript, but a video clip is so much more powerful.  Comparing their answers on the stand, with the answers they gave on video is a tool that smart attorneys rely on.
  3. Put their behavior on the record.  Witnesses on the opposing side of your case can often be confrontational and condescending.  There is no better way to let the jury see for themselves just how poorly a person’s behavior is, then by referring to the tape. Demeanor, speech patterns, physical appearance, and the flow of questions and answers all affect credibility and increase the likelihood that the jury will retain what they heard.

Our team is made up of the highest quality video professionals – standing by to take care of all of your Legal Video Service needs.  Schedule a video deposition (or request our team with your court reporting agency), and we take care of the rest.

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