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Swamp City Productions takes pride in receiving positive feedback from our clients.  We expect everyone to be satisfied with their experience with our staff and production services.  It’s impossible to make everyone happy all the time, but with comments like these, we know we’re doing the very best we can!

  • “The results and feedback that we received from the WTS segment on the Doran 360RV Tire Pressure Monitoring System were amazing.   Doing a spot for television and adding video to our website was a bold new step for us and the team at Swamp City Productions was first-class and made completing the project easy.    In addition to the WTS segment, we were able to use footage that we took during our shoot, to create a much-needed instructional video that also turned out extremely well.  Swamp City will definitely be my first call for any future projects and I would highly recommend them to other companies that need professional video production services.” Jim Samocki, General Manager, Doran Manufacturing, LLC
  • “We were very pleased with the filming you did for HIVIZ!  It surpassed our expectations.  We thought it was very well layed out and scripted coming across as a top notch professional presentation!  We look forward to working again with Swamp City Productions in the future.”  Chris Quam, CFO, HIVIZ Shooting Systems
  • “Great job on the Boomer’s TV clip.  It was really a great experience for us, having never undertaken such a production before. Your team was extremely professional and supportive, from planning all the way to post production. The film crew as outstanding and brought out the best in people who had very little prior media exposure. The end result was a really effective piece and much more footage that we can use in the future. Many thanks to you and your team!”  George Luntz, President/Co-Founder, Native Remedies
  • “We have had the blessing of meeting up with Jeff and his team at Swamp City Productions over the course of the last few months and they did a fabulous job creating, preparing, and showing our video about Good Neighbor Insurance.  Our questions were answered very quickly and they knew what they were talking about since everything Swamp City Productions stated happened.  Now if the weather had done what we wanted (we had one of the severest rain storms ever in Phoenix this February, 2010) all would have been perfect!   But rescheduling is fine.  Would we use Swamp City Productions again?  An emphatic “yes!””  Doug Gulleson, Good Neighbor Insurance, Inc
  • “It was a pleasure working with you yesterday on the video shoot for Doran.  You were very well organized and presented things to us in a very understandable and patient manner.   You also listened to our questions/suggestions and were flexible enough to try to make them work.  In addition, you asked the interview questions in a very professional and relaxing manner.  Thanks again.”  Jim Samocki, General Manager, Doran Manufacturing, LLC
  • “Thank you so much!  I appreciate you in more ways than you know.  It’s great to work with good people like yourself.  Usually in the outdoor industry that’s not an issue.”  Pam Houston, CollegiateCamo, Inc.
  • “A note of thanks for the awesome commercial/marketing piece that you put together for us!  I am very impressed by the quality of the segment.  Even though we were not able to shoot the piece with our own staff participating due to time constraints, we are very happy with the talent that you used for the piece and very happy with the end results!  Also, I appreciate your flexibility in providing us with multiple variations of the footage so that we could use the segments for web use, for online promotional videos, for in store streaming video, and more!  I has been pricing “sizzle” videos just before you contacted me.  So I am very aware that the price you charged us was VERY reasonable, especially since the price not only included a professional video segment but also TV coverage…Thanks Jeff, Brooke and Team for all your hard work to coordinate everything so effortlessly!”   Beth Daniels, Owner, Around the Table Games
  • “I love the segment. It looks great. Can’t wait to get it on the website.  I just wanted to send a deeply appreciative thanks to you, Jeff, and all the folks at Swamp City. You’re a delight to deal with and have twice now come through with a quality project. (I don’t know if I ever mentioned, but right around the same time we did the shoot with you guys, we had another shoot in Florida with a different company and it was the complete opposite experience–terrible communication throughout the process and I haven’t heard from them since the day of the shoot, which was a week before yours.  I understand you folks operate in a very competitive industry, but your team really stands out ahead of the pack. I would be happy to share those sentiments with any prospective clients you may have, so feel free to pass on my contact info should the occasion arise.”  Ofelia Saenz, Director of Marketing, Burn Machine, LLC
  • “Thank you…for your work with us on this project.  We were very pleased with how the segment turned out and have already received some positive feedback from viewers.  We would like to embed the actual video on to our website, so if you could help us with that, that would be excellent.  Thanks again!”  Tara Tysver, Inspiration Point Christian Camp & Retreat Center
  • “Of course we received the reviews and that sound you heard Wednesday was our collective jaws dropping on the floor.  We know that we had an interesting and lovable product, but since this a new design for the Pecoware Company, we were also very tentative as to whether anyone else would feel the same…The entire format of the reviews was very comprehensive and easy to follow.  The WTS reviews are far and away much more informative than most.  On a personal note, I am new to the competitive world of toys and it’s been a learn-as-you-go experience.  Very cutthroat, tumultuous, nerve-wracking industry.  Thanks to WTS Toy Review, I can sleep just a wee bit easier – for this week at least.”  David Baiz, Pecoware Co.
  • “Everything went great. The show was really nice, very impressive.  Everyone here was thrilled.  I was tracking the web traffic before, during, and after the segment aired…our average time is 5-10 minutes per visit. We definitely saw a boost that I can only contribute to the show. On Monday we had the most traffic on the site since I have been tracking it (3 years) followed by an even bigger day on Tuesday.  In the future if there is anything we can do for other segments please feel free to contact us…We would love the opportunity to help in any way.”  James Rowe, Chief Technical Officer, RVWholesalers
  • “The production is very professional and we appreciate the way you presented Beefeater.  Thank you very much for involving us in this project. ” Tom Owen, Beefeater
  • “Great footage on the overall Resort. Very pleased!  Thank you!” Andrew Theodorou, Vice President & General Manager, Newport Dunes Waterfront Resort & Marina
  • “We received the package on the Nick Hotel yesterday. Everything looks GREAT!!  Thanks so much!” Laura Millett, Nickelodeon Hotel
  • “Our segment is much better than the one we currently have and will be a great addition to our trade shows and PR campaign.  Thanks so much for everything.  You guys did a great job and I appreciated the good communications back and forth.”  Brian Debrot, Marketing Specialist, Reliance Products
  • “It is wonderful and exciting.  We will have so many uses for this sales tool!” Jenifer Johnson, Director of Business Development, Mill Creek Ranch Resort
  • “Just saw the show.  Great job!  Thanks for the opportunity.” Fabian Russell, East Coast Resorts
  • “Everyone liked our clip, and I would like to thank everyone at Swamp City for the professionalism that we were shown during this process.  If you would like to use Homak in any other opportunities, feel free to contact us.”  Brian Miller, Homak Manufacturing
  • “Thanks for all your hard work.  We are very pleased with the finished product.  We’ll definitely contact you if we need additional footage in the future. ” Warren Hragyil, Bee’Jay Bait Co.
  • “The clip is awesome!  You guys did a fantastic job.  This will be a huge asset to Jetboil.  Thanks a million!”  Lisa Eaton, Marketing Programs Coordinator, Jetboil, Inc.
  • “The DVD’s arrived today.  It looks great!  We’re going loop this video for 4 days continuously!”  David Chow, Fenix Flashlights
  • “THANK YOU SO MUCH!  This is great…We are very appreciative of this exposure! ” Jackie Spining, Dollywood Senior Manager, Advertising & Sales